Zone2 Pictures was established 2005 in Helsinki, Finland. It is privately owned by producer and director of photography Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen. He has shot many award-winning Finnish and international films, music videos and commercials.

High quality work on a range of successful films created a network of professional contacts for Zone2 in Finland, across the Nordic countries and Europe. This enabled to consolidate the company’s growth. in 2015 Hannu-Pekka participated in Young Nordic ProducerĀ“s club in Cannes to further develop the international contacts.

Zone2 pictures has produced creative documentaries and is developing feature fiction films. Zone2 aims to produce films of the highest artistic and technical quality that are successful for both national and international audiences. They are developing a Zone2 brand for films that have a personal storytelling style and address challenging social subjects with fresh visual imagery.