I Was Born

By merging existential gaze into surreal landscapes, I Was Born examines the paradoxical relationship between human and the nature.

Flying Potato and Other Misunderstandings

The short film begins as a stylized fiction and in the middle it turns into a documentary reflecting the real experiences of its fictional protagonists.

Calling Mother

Calling Mother is a documentary about those moments when you just have to call your mum. It is a compilation of phone calls made by different people to their mothers.

Gods of Molenbeek

The district of Molenbeek in Brussels has reputation in media as a center of jihadism, but for sixyear-old Aatos and his friend Amine, it is a familiar home.

No Road Home

A father's letter to his 11-year-old daughter. Nadine has grown to be a Finnish girl whereas his father Charles is a Congolese refugee in Finland.


Jenni Nyberg’s documentary Siéva is an intimate and lyrical look at a gentle and poetic form of street dance.

Bad Police

A documentary about corruption in the Finnish police force, centering around the trial of Jari Aarnio, the former chief of Helsinki police department's narcotics division.

Men of Talvivaara Mine

The Men from Talvivaara tells about the meaningfulness of working for a mining company going from crisis to crisis.

Square, Steps, Cathedral

A film about the most central of places in Helsinki, "The Senate square", the catherdral and it's steps, where a lot of historical events have taken place.


Neo-Hamlet is a contemporary audiovisual artwork studying the boundaries between different and rarely combined art forms such as film, radio play, animation and fine arts.

Old man and the lady

Every day 73 years old Seppo shouts to 102 years old Linda: "Shut up!". ln a small red hut in North Finland, middle of nowhere it means that they get joy for their life from little things.

Goodwill – short stories of small town happiness

A film about hope, the illusion of ”the good life” and the reality on the edge of Europe. The film´s story comes from footage of about twenty very different and somewhat original residents of Pieksämäki.