Premiere of Calling Mother at Espoo Ciné

May 3rd, 2019

Espoo Ciné International Film Festival has established itself as a showcase of modern European cinema in Finland. The festival is dedicated to screen films that demonstrate the variety of European filmmaking with an emphasis on new talent, discovery and artistic quality. At 2019 the festival concentrates to female filmmakers also.

Calling Mother is a co-direction by Marianne Mäkelä and Heli Pekkonen. The film is first film as a director for both. The film tells a story about those moments when you just have to call your mum. It is a compilation of phone calls made by different people to their mothers. Film follows the lifespan of a human being from youth to the adulthood, where a child changes from dependant to a caretaker. Phone calls are connected by images of an old telephone center and electric wires and by a story of a young mother who doesn’t have a mother to call to. Calling Mother is a film about a relationship that is intimate, painful and often a bit ridiculous.